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In addition to the apps, AppStat includes intuitive installation and operation as well as a powerful set of additional features.

  • The color LCD display (with LED back lighting), animated icons, and five push buttons make the Appstat intuitive and simple to configure and operate. Through the contextual menu-driven display (with no obscure numeric codes), an operator can change setpoints, configure available options, and commission the installation. Separate passwords can be set-up for users and administrators.
  • Integrated sensor options include a motion sensor (passive infrared, with a range of up to 33 feet) for standby (setback) mode and a humidity sensor for dehumidification.
  • As an integrated native BACnet Application Specific Controller (ASC), no external communication (or occupancy) modules are required. It meets or exceeds BACnet® ASC specifications in the ANSI/ASHRAE BACnet Standard 135-2008.
  • Feature for feature, AppStat is very cost competitive, and it can functionally replace many competitors’ products.

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